Wandern, Bauernbiertrinken, Schäuferlaessen

The WBS triathlon is characterized by the immediate succession of the three different disciplines and the associated adaptation of the body to the respective challenge. In particular, the runner’s meal after the hike is supposedly the most difficult part, as the runner’s meal requires you to fall back on your stomach, which is already tired from drinking beer. Good WBS triathletes are characterized by keeping the transitions between the individual disciplines as short as possible and adapting the body to the new load as quickly as possible.

Completing a WBS triathlon is a major challenge for many participants. Without continuous training in all three disciplines and targeted work on personal endurance, completing a WBS triathlon is difficult and may even be hazardous to health. The subsequent feeling of fullness at the finish is the attraction for the WBS triathlete.

Good walking condition is essential. Walking aids, e.g. Nordic walking poles, are permitted. Children and young people are also allowed to exert themselves physically.

Goldmedaille Silbermedaille Bronzemedaille
20 km hiking 12,5 km hiking 7,5 km hiking
3 l beer 2 l beer 1 l beer
Schäuferla (500 g) Schäuferla (500 g) Schäuferla (500 g)
a portion of dumpling with cabbage a portion of dumpling with cabbage a portion of dumpling with cabbage
Certificate Certificate Certificate
  • Non-alcoholic drinks for children and young people. To adult participants as desired.


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